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Controllers and timers - list of circuit diagrams

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Asymmetric Timer circuit diagram
A timer circuit with independent mark and space periods

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2257
R5000 Computer Interface circuit diagram
This circuit is a modified version of an original interface on QSL Net. It is a fully isolated interface allowing computer control of the Trio/Kenwood R5000 receiver

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2043
5 to 30 Minute Timer circuit diagram
A switched timer for intervals of 5 to 30 minutes incremented in 5 minute steps

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 1977
Repeating Interval Timer circuit diagram
This circuit has an adjustable output timer that will re-trigger at regular intervals. The output period can be anything from a fraction of a second to half-an-hour or more - and it can be made to recur at regular intervals of anything from seconds to days and beyond.

author: Ron J
visits: 1795
Repeating Timer No.2 circuit diagram
This circuit is based on a simple asymmetric oscillator. The length of time the relay remains energized - and the length of time it remains de-energized - are set independently. With the component values shown in the diagram - both periods are adjustable from about 1 to 30 minutes

author: Ron J
visits: 1695
NE555 Basic Monostable circuit diagram

visits: 1650
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