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Tools and measuring - list of circuit diagrams

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Function Generator circuit diagram
A function generator using the ICL8038 integrated circuit. Is has four ranges and capable of sine, square and triangle outputs.

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 3120
Electromagnetic Field Probe with Meter Output circuit diagram
This tester is designed to locate stray electromagnetic (EM) fields. It will easily detect both audio and RF signals up to frequencies of around 100kHz

visits: 2880
Two Simple Crystal Test Circuits circuit diagram
Two simple test circuits to check operation of quartz crystals

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2560
Multi Wire Cable Tester circuit diagram
A multi wire cable tester with a separate LED for each wire. Will show open circuits, short circuits, reversals, earth faults, continuity and all with four IC's

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2556
Logic Probe circuit diagram
This logic probe uses a single CMOS IC and shows three logic conditions, High, Low and Pulsing

visits: 2414
Signal Tracer and Injector circuit diagram
A simple test circuit to fault find audio and radio equipment. Can be used to inject a square wave signal, rich in harmonics, or used with headphones as an audio tracer

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2226
Bench Amplifier circuit diagram
A small 325mW amplifier with a voltage gain of 200 that can be used as a bench amplifier, signal tracer or used to amplify the output from personal radios, etc

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2126
Zener Diode Tester circuit diagram
Using a single 555 Timer IC and a small transformer to generate a high voltage, this circuit will test zener diodes of voltage ratings up to 50VDC

author: Andy Collinson and Aleksandar Dakic
visits: 2017
MILLIGAUSS METER circuit diagram
This circuit provides an easy yet reliable way to detect the intensity of a.c. (or e.l.f.) fields around the home or workplace

author: Rev. Thomas Scarborough
visits: 1981
Beat Balance Metal Detector circuit diagram
A Beat Balance Metal Detector made from discrete components

author: Rev Thomas Scarborough
visits: 1963
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