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Miscellaneous - list of circuit diagrams

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Wart Zapper circuit diagram
A new and improved version of Thomas Scarborough's wart zapper

author: Thomas Scarborough
visits: 32854
Metal Detector circuit diagram
A single chip metal detecor with a range of a few inches

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 13518
IR Link circuit diagram
A basic Imfra Red Link for audio communication for distances upto 3 metres

author: Milan Markovic
visits: 4694
Laser Communication System circuit diagram
This is a simple Laser communication system. It can transmit and receive signal from any audio device.

author: Marin Lukas - Croatia
visits: 4166
Temperature Monitor circuit diagram
Simple Temperature Monitor

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 3490
Audio Indicator circuit diagram
This circuit can be used to remotely monitor a loudspeaker, alarm, or audio source for presence of an audio waveform. It can also be directly connected across loudspeaker terminals used as a peak indicator

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2960
Neon Desklamp circuit diagram
This circuit will power a 6 inch 4 Watt fluorescent tube off a 12 volt supply, consuming 300 mA

author: Rev. Thomas Scarborough
visits: 2502
Hot Water Level Indicator circuit diagram
A simple device to indicate various levels of hot water in a tank.

author: Andy Collinson
visits: 2341
Decimal to BCD Convertor circuit diagram
This circuit will provide an output in Binary Coded Decimal from any of the input switches. The input switches may be expanded to 16 switches, providing a Hexadecimal to BCD conversion

author: Ron J
visits: 2340
LED Flasher circuit diagram
Based on "Application Notes" for LM317LZ, flashes an LED using the phase-shift principle

author: Andre
visits: 2274
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